photos by Jay Ryan

the climate chronicles is an ensemble created dance/theater work that narrates the story of a team of questionably qualified American climatologists and bureaucrats as they return from one international conference on climate change in Japan only to begin preparations for another in Spain. The work raucously unpacks the culture and behavior of the scientific, diplomatic, and activist communities that have formed around this growing social crisis. Using the lab, the airport and the conference hall as dramatic backdrop, the scientists untangle and re-tangle themselves in the ridiculous web of climate bureaucracy.

Through their travails we delve into the worlds of each character as they crumble under pressure and their personal lives seep into the professional bubble. Spontaneous book clubs meet on the conference room floor; a lab director’s emotional connection to gambling transforms a late night meeting into a support group; the study of beaver populations devolves into a Mel Gibson fan club. What we are left with is not just a display of global crisis red tape but a search to find the meaning of how and why we meet and gather.

Conceived and Directed by Donovan & Calderón

Written and Performed by Sean Donovan, Sebastián Calderón Bentin, Paige Collette, Hannah Heller
Set and Lights by Jay Ryan
Costumes by Felix Ciprián
Sound by Brandon Wolcott

This piece was developed through an artistic residency at Stanford University.

the climate chronicles premiered at The Incubator Arts Project, New York, NY 2011

the climate chronicles succeeds wildly…staged with absurd panache and true-to-life humor.” – Mitch McConnell, Backstage Magazine

“A solid piece of downtown theater.” – Andy Horwitz, Culturebot