Photos by Laura Baker

Se Vende is a site-specific dark comedy about a young Panamanian real estate broker and his desperate attempt to successfully sell a ground floor gallery space in Panama City’s historic colonial Casco Viejo district to a pair of greedy, unpredictable, would-be American buyers who insist on camping out in the space for the night. Se Vende takes place in the real-space that it proposes selling and responds to a current Panamanian situation where both nouveau riche and retired Americans move to Panama in droves for cheap prices, tropical weather, and exotic culture. The piece also demonstrates the class divide between the rich foreigners and the lower class local population who have grown increasingly dependant on foreign investors.

Written, directed and performed by Sebastián Calderón Bentin, Sean Donovan and Laura Berlin Stinger

Se Vende premiered at FAE International Theater Festival in Panama City, Panama 2008